I’ve been an entrepreneur for 16 years. Not by choice initially, but by necessity. I was a young single Mom with two small boys trying to juggle demanding schedules on little pay and even less appreciation. With no college degree, no real connections, and no money, I knew I had to figure something out but I didn't know what and I didn't know how...

I remember the first time someone told me I should get into sales...honestly the idea of it horrified me initially. Having been dubbed the 'black sheep' I didn't have a lot of confidence and I certainly didn't want to encourage anymore rejection in my life... 

But then, I bought a house - a sad little run down house, much like my life at the time, and it changed everything...

I'm Denae

Hey There!

At 22 years old I purchased my first home as a young single Mom, with no money to put down, in search to give my boys the life that everyone told me I'd never be able to. A year later I traded it in for a bigger home, and then another, accidentally flipping property and eventually leading me to owning 20 homes over the years and selling over $150M in real estate along the way. What started out as my biggest mess in life, filled with shame and fear of failure, turned into my greatest blessing as I began to teach others what I was learning and then helping them change their lives too... building a business, inspiring others with my truths, and coaching others to live their best life. 

How I Got Here

After the loss of two brothers, I went on a journey of self discovery and redefining what success really meant to me and then setting out to make an impact...

.At every stage of life, no matter how many people I had speaking fear into me, I always had that one who was speaking faith and it was holding onto that voice that always lifted me... so, I'm here to be that one for you...

We were all born to be successful. We were all born to be great. I want to help you believe in yourself, to uncover your gifts and to live into your purpose.

My hope is that wherever you are on your journey, you’ll find something here that helps you and always reminds you that you can overcome anything and achieve greatness.

Cheers to the journey you're on my friend, it's only just beginning!


My Why

I was actually a loan officer prior to getting into real estate... that's where I met my now husband of 14 years. He says I'm the weirdest person he's ever met but I think it's a pretty stiff competition ;)  We do have fun though!

all of this was an accident

I've been fully gray for years... my natural hair color is dark brunette. I'm not saying this had anything to do with it (insert wink here) but we blended a family and raised our kiddos together. Two of them have even joined me in real estate! Family is everything to me and these guys are my world.

the almost brady bunch

Growing up with three brothers and being the mom to sons I'm more of a 'guys girl' in many regards. But, it's not all manly...I'll never turn down a pink and fruity cocktail and I'm always up for Happy Hour! In fact, I meet many of my clients at bars and breweries... just saying.  ;)


Having grown up at the beach in Ocean City, MD the water always calls my name. But those winter blues are tough and I'm not afraid to say it. So, we bought ourselves a FL home, my happy place, and now we balance our time between FL and VA.

take me to paradise!

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